Under the Sea Octopus Cupcakes inspired by Finding Dory’s Hank


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I don’t know who is more excited about the release of Finding Dory, me or the kids.  Okay Okay Okay you got me, I’m ECSTATIC and I may go see it with out them, LOL.  Just kidding.  Kind of.  If I could get away with it, I would go without them, then totally pretend I was seeing it the first time with them.

Being the anti-Pinterest Mom that I proudly am (mostly due to the fact that I have not time or talent to make things that perfect), I wanted to make them a treat to go along with the movie premiere, but I didn’t want to hurt myself or stress.  There is no fun in a project that makes your kids cry or makes you need a drink, right?

I LOVE how these turned out, they are so colorful and so yummy and I had them done in NO time AT ALL, so this will be perfect for any kids party you might find yourself hosting this summer, or just for fun.

Under the Sea Octopus inspired by Finding Dory’s Hank

What will you need?

  1. Cupcakes (MAJOR TIME SAVER: I bought Store bought and changed the Frosting, no shame in my game) so use either baked or store bought, we won’t tell, and nobody will notice.
  2. Frosting:  This “Fintastic” shade of blue is the Pillsbury Aqua Blue Vanilla Icing with little Fish Candy pieces which is PERFECT
  3. Ring Pops
  4. Trolli Crawlers (or any gummy worm but I loved these colors)
  5. Wilton Candy Eyes

How do you make them?

  1. After I took the bland store bought frosting off the cupcakes, I replaced it with the cool Pillsbury Aqua Blue Vanilla frosting.
  2. You take the gummy worms and place them around the cupcake leaving room in the center, the frosting makes them stay in place.
  3. Grab a ring pop and stick it in the middle of the cupcake, ring side down.  It will stick to the frosting and help secure the worms.
  4. Attach candy eyes with a little dab of frosting.

Tada!  You are done and they look so colorful and fun, your friends will think all you do is try out recipes and figure out ways to make their cupcakes look bad.  Take a picture with a cool filter and brag a little about them.




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